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Finish up Slothie UV Light Device along with Slothie's top coat to cure and a longer lasting effect.


Bundle includes 1x LED Gel Nail Lamp and 2x Top Coat (Both Matte & Clear)

Slothie LED Gel Nail Lamp Complete Bundle

$59.70 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • 1) Clean your nails first with alcohol wipes to remove any dust

    2) Select nail sticker size which is slightly smaller than actual nails size 

    3) Remove clear cover from sticker

    4) Peel the sticker off and stick on nail

    5) File off excess stickers 

    6) For durability, apply Slothie Nails Top Coat (Available in Clear or Matt)

  • All Slothie Nails stickers comes with free nail file and stick